The Mad Reader

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my passion for books is beyond anything else because they give me this reprieve, this solace. they bring me this sense of “not being here” and into those infinite corners of my mind. sometimes books are the only things that truly make me feel that my feelings are valid, and i am not alone with the same thoughts. that someone out there understands. the world is for my taking when i read. if without books, i think i will lose myself along the way even before i am there, wherever that may be.


#books #johngreen #quote


#books #johngreen #quote

Sometimes it felt as if all happiness came at a price. You could never, ever, have perfection. Life gave you beauty so you could bear the pain.

Ann Aguirre, Horde (via quoted-books)

A bookshelf is like a framed collage. Every book is a photograph; every spine tells a story. Friends you left behind, enemies you’d long forgotten, places you’d once visited. This is why I keep my books.

Emily Daniels (Naturalistic Benevolence)


Writing Advice From: Stuart Nadler

Writing Tools: Foreshadow and Creative Recap


Lately, I’ve been studying the ends and beginnings of novel chapters. To begin a study session, I first must be inspired by something I like, and then notice what I dislike in comparison. I formulate a generic do’s and don’ts list from there, and then I proceed to write about it. This week, I…